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Steve Kerr and Steph Curry agree: Gregg Popovich for President

While Popovich is, unfortunately, unlikely to run for office, he has plenty of supporters in the Bay Area

San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Warriors coach Steve Kerr loves Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. Kerr played four seasons in San Antonio under Pop, and won two titles during his time there. Golden State’s leader has been open about Popovich’s role as a mentor and a teacher.

Yet for all his basketball admiration, it seems likely that Kerr admires Popovich off the court even more than on the court. And how could he not? Popovich is one the most thoughtful, powerful, and eloquent people in the NBA, and has constantly spoken at length about the dangers of the current administration.

If you’ve never heard Popovich speak about Donald Trump, then you should probably change that. His words are strong, and emphatic, but incredibly intelligent and articulate. He is a great voice both for the NBA community, and the country.

It’s no surprise then, that the idea of a Popovich and Kerr ticket has been making the internet rounds. While that obviously (and sadly) won’t happen, Kerr made it pretty clear that Pop would make a stellar commander in chief, as reported by ESPN.

I truly would vote for Pop. He would make a great president. All jokes aside. I would vote for him . . . Honesty and integrity. Those would be two really key components for any person that wants to become president. Honesty and integrity would be fantastic to see. He would provide that.

It’s hard to argue with anything Kerr said. Not surprisingly, Stephen Curry agreed with his coach, saying, “He’s great for the NBA and would be even better for the country, probably.”

Well, he has my vote.

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