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Must-see TV: Klay Thompson interviewed by local news about NYC scaffolding

The hilarious All-Star gave his thoughts to a New York City news station during a recent off day

NBA: All Star Practice Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Klay Thompson may be one of the quietest members of the Golden State Warriors, but he’s also one of the funniest. Klay’s humor is a little unique: he’s dry, reserved, and game for just about any joke.

Which is how he ended up at the center of a viral video. On an off day in New York City, Thompson was near some particularly noteworthy scaffolding (it appears that an accident had occurred on the scaffolding). A local news station, Fox 5 NY, got him to do an on-camera interview.

What followed was 13 glorious seconds of a goofy All-Star NBA player discussing what he looks for in scaffolding before deciding whether or not to walk under it. It’s truly must-see TV.

Perhaps even funnier is Thompson’s explanation of the event. He noted that the interviewer didn’t know who he was, and that it was cool to be “an active citizen in the community”. He also called scaffolding “an interesting topic”.

It’s even more must-see TV!

Klay Thompson, ladies and gentlemen. He’ll be here all week.

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