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Warriors Wonder: Steph Curry paces Dubs in failed attempt to continue crushing OKC for rest of eternity

Curry’s decent night was marred by turnovers in blowout loss.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and the Dubs looked real bad

Carmelo Anthony was cooking, Russell Westbrook played mad

Paul George was hella balling, that’s the Big 3 of the Thunder

They made it hard to choose, a fresh Warriors Wonder

What a blitzkrieg from Oklahoma City! They flat out refused to lose to us an eighth straight time. Last night’s Warriors Wonder Stephen Curry came out hot, but fizzled out near the end of the Golden State Warriors’ 108-91 defeat.

Curry was balling early as he looked to fill the void that Kevin Durant left when Durant was saddled early with a questionable second foul.

Unfortunately, the new look Thunder’s defensive length created a vortex of active arms that pestered the Unanimous MVP. Curry started seeing his windows of opportunity clamp down as the other Warriors struggled mightily from the field. He would aggressively dribble into a thicket of blue jerseys, attempting to inject some life into the team, and from there it was tough sledding. Occasionally though, it worked out.

Curry would finish with 24 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds, and a steal on 9-for-18 shooting from the field. He was also 3-of-8 from three point range. Any night when Curry leads the team in points and assists he’s going to be the favorite for the Warrior Wonder.

Sadly, he also led the team in turnovers with six.

A few of those sloppy passes fueled Westbrook going absolutely bananas in transition and securing the momentum firmly in the Thunder’s favor. There’s no WONDER we got blown out with that lack of ball security.

You know what? Today isn’t a day to gripe about how trash the Dubs played last night. It’s Thanksgiving, baby! Dub Nation, we can all be thankful for our families, friends, and great food.

Let’s also all be grateful that Russell Westbrook exposed himself as a triple double addict when he desperately hunted for one more assist in garbage time.

LMAO. Oh Russ. Did you spot Steph and KD cracking up in laughter on the bench, down damn near 20? Really made my night.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, enjoy!

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