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Warriors vs Bulls Key Matchup: Jordan Bell vs Cash Considerations

In a draft night steal, the Warriors traded for the rights to Jordan Bell in exchange for cash considerations. We look at that key matchup tonight.

Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

June 22, 2017

It was a hot summer night in Brooklyn, New York. The Barclay’s Center was hosting the 2017 NBA draft and a frenzy of fans packed the arena. It was a night where many franchises would try to find their next cornerstone player. The draft was loaded with talent from Markelle Fultz to Lonzo Ball and Jayson Tatum just to name a few.

The Warriors were fresh off an NBA Finals victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers and coming into the night, did not have a single pick in this years draft. With the depth and talent on the Warriors roster, it wasn’t necessary to grab another pick. But when you are trying to build a dynasty, there is never a night off.

Drama ensues...

The first round of the draft ends, no pick for the Warriors but they are lurking. Bob Myers is on the phone calling every team who has a pick trying to obtain another 2nd round steal. Finally, the 38th pick is announced. There is a trade!

The Warriors select Jordan Bell in exchange for “cash considerations,” or $3.5 Million to be exact. This was unfortunately just one of the many snafus the Bulls orchestrated on draft night.

So how does Cash Considerations stack up to Jordan Bell?

The Bulls are currently in rebuilding mode and could have really used a player like Jordan Bell. The Warriors have a stupid amount of talent on their roster that they can’t even play most of their guys most nights.

Now Jordan Bell faces the team that traded him for the first time and it pits him against his dreaded rival from draft night: cash considerations.

Let’s look at what they each bring to the table in this matchup:

Physical Profile - Height/Wingspan/Weight

Jordan Bell - 6 foot 9 inches (height), 7 foot (wingspan), 224 lbs (weight)

Cash Considerations - 11 foot 8 inches (approx height*), Cash doesn’t have hands (no wingspan), 77 lbs (approx weight**)

*If you were to stack single dollar bills on top of each other in the amount of $3.5 Million, that would reach a height of 140 inches or 11 foot 8 inches. A single bill is about 0.004 inches tall. Further, this assumes these are all $100 bills because Bob Myers is a big baller and doesn’t settle for anything less. That would make for 35,000 bills.

** A single bill weighs roughly one gram. If we continue to assume cash considerations is made up of $100 bills, then that would equate to 35,000 grams or roughly 77 lbs.

Although cash considerations does not have a wingspan, the sheer height of 11 foot 8 inches would completely block the rim from Bell. Jordan Bell has a significant weight advantage here and probably can post up and back down cash considerations on the low block, but with the height advantage it would really be hard to get a shot off.

Advantage: Cash Considerations

Defensive Prowess

Jordan Bell - Bell is a skilled defender who has demonstrated excellent close outs and flashed his ability to be a premier rim defender with his superb shot-blocking.

Cash Considerations - Cash Considerations can defend against potentially tricky luxury tax situations.

Bell brings a lot to the table here, filling in as a great rim defender who can lurk around the rim with Draymond Green. Cash Considerations provides some off-court defense but doesn’t provide much on-court defense.

Advantage: Jordan Bell

Rotating off the bench

Jordan Bell - Bell has been able to rotate off the bench with limited action and provide a spark plug on both ends of the floor. The Warriors often run plays for him, throwing easy lobs to the rim. He’s extremely athletic and provides a real weapon in Steve Kerr’s arsenal.

Cash Considerations - When Dwayne Wade announced he wanted a buyout, that left a gaping hole to fill in the Bulls cap space. Without hesitation, Cash Considerations subbed in and provided some relief. While Cash Considerations couldn’t fill the whole gap (Dwayne Wade left with a lot of money), it provided some much needed relief. On-court, Cash Considerations doesn’t really do much.

This was a close one, but on-court action is most important as the game is won on the hardwood.

Advantage: Jordan Bell

Who wins this matchup?

Overall, I think Jordan Bell is the clear winner here. It came pretty close towards the end, but the key deciding factor was that Jordan Bell is a HUMAN BEING that can provide GROWTH and DEPTH in the future. He can DRIBBLE the ball and put the ball into the basket which under rule in the NBA rule book is how you win a game(***).

Cash Considerations is just money that comes and goes. Clearly there is a bit of a loyalty factor here. Cash Considerations doesn’t even have a jersey which you can wear. Jordan Bell sells jerseys and literally GENERATES CASH!

If Jordan Bell finally gets the playing time he deserves, he will show the city of Chicago what huge mistake they made by trading him away on draft day.

***Not the real NBA code, this was made up

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