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The Warriors’ Saturday night court is epic

Golden State is bringing an iconic symbol of Oakland to Oracle Arena on Saturday night

Before the season started, the Golden State Warriors unveiled some remarkable alternate jerseys. The slate “The Town” jerseys paid homage to an iconic Oakland oak tree (and make excellent holiday gifts, if anyone needs ideas).

Saturday night against the New Orleans Pelicans, the Warriors are bringing the incredible design to the court at Oracle Arena (while also debuting the jerseys). The standard center court design is being replaced by the alternate “The Town” logo, and it could not look better.

While we’re admiring it, let’s check out what it looks like in black and white!

The Warriors also put out an awesome time-lapse video of the old court being taken out, and the new court being put in. It’s pretty cool to watch:

While this court design may be temporary, the logo will live on at another court. The Warriors, along with the Good Tidings Foundation and Nike, refurbished a youth court in Oakland, and styled it with the logo.

Not only the best team in the NBA. The most stylish one, too.

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