The Golden Play of the Night: Dubs Use Poetry in Motion to Get On Board Against the Bulls

Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Hey guys, I'm back. I wasn't able to do a post for the OKC game since I had a lot of things to take care of (and judging from the replay, that was one ugly game played by the Dubs; I couldn't find any play worth analyzing). That said, I'd like to present several sequences in the 1st quarter that put the Dubs on board against the Chicago Bulls.

Sequence #1

In this sequence, the Dubs run a floppy set for Steph, who gets two staggered screens from Klay and Bell. Bell doesn't really make contact on his screen, but Steph's gravity draws his defender as well as Bell's defender. Bell is left wide open, and Steph passes it to him for the easy basket. This sequence demonstrates the gravity of Steph; when he stays in motion, good things happen for the Dubs.

Sequence #2

Zaza gets the ball on the elbow. Meanwhile, on the weak side, Steph gets a screen from Bell. This time, Bell's screen makes solid contact with Steph's defender, who is left way behind. Steph recognizes this and cuts backdoor. Zaza makes the excellent bounce pass to Steph for the bucket. Again, Steph shows how he can destroy opposing defenses by staying in motion.

Sequence #3

Klay makes the entry pass to Bell on the low post, and then proceeds to curl towards the weak side. Bell then kicks the ball out to Casspi on the weak side. Casspi makes the dribble hand off to the moving Klay, while providing enough of a "screen" for Klay to obstruct Klay's defender. Klay needs just a sliver of space, and he buries the jumper. Klay's constant movement after making the entry pass throws the defense into a frenzy, and it results in easy points for the Dubs.

Sequence #4

Klay has the ball, after Steph's attempt at getting open is well defended. Zaza sets a high screen for Klay. Three defenders have their attention on Klay: Zaza's man (Robin Lopez), Klay's man (Justin Holiday), and Casspi's man (Denzel Valentine). Casspi realizes that his defender isn't fixated on him, and cuts towards the basket. Klay uses Zaza's screen, sees that Casspi is all alone under the basket, and passes it to him. Casspi misses the layup but Zaza is there for the put-back. Again, Casspi's movement, coupled with Klay's gravity, makes this sequence possible.


Zaza steal. Zaza fastbreak. Zaza lob to Bell for the alley-oop. 'Nuff said.

Till the next Golden Play!

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