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A quick reminder that Klay Thompson apparently really hates Gatorade

Klay continues his ongoing battle vs. the sports drink giant.

Golden State Warriors v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Klay Thompson, in many ways, is the heart and soul of keeping this Warriors team weird. All of the Warriors teams of my youth had a certain ... let’s call it awkwardness. The teams themselves never quite fit together on the court, and off-court, we saw a parade of players with their own quirks, strange actions, and interesting back-stories.

Now that the Warriors are “THE TEAM OF THE UNIVERSE,” and now that every kid under the age of 10 is rocking a Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant jersey, it’s easy to forget how weird some of those earlier Warriors squads actually were. Now that the Warriors are the most visible team in the world, some of that scrappy, don’t-give-AF tendencies have fallen by the wayside. It’s necessary. I mean, I get it. When you’re constantly under the microscope, and when your every move is critiqued endlessly on social media and shown nonstop on the 24/7 sports news cycle, players have toned their actions back a bit.

I guess that’s what makes Klay Thompson so much fun. He just really comes off like he does not care. At all.

Question A:

Why is Klay giving interviews about NYC scaffolding on his day off?!

Question B:

Why does Klay Thompson hate Gatorade so much?

The answer to Question A is not so obvious. And you know what? I don’t care, it’s glorious. Be you, man. If you wanna talk about the structural integrity of New York City’s workspaces on local TV , you go right ahead. Be you.

But the answer to Question B is perhaps a little more straight ahead, if no less hilarious.

Klay is paid by BODYARMOR sports drink to represent their brand. This naturally poses a few problems, as Gatorade is a sponsor of the NBA itself, and bottles of Gatorade are placed on every single interview table after every single game.

Thompson has long found various ways to remove the bottle, although he usually does it with a bit more tact, or a bit more sleight of hand. For some yuks, and to brighten up your day, just check out the hashtag #KlayHatesGatorade on twitter. It’s really, really good. (s/o to’s Sam Hustis for all the amazing video footage)

Is his hatred of Gatorade purely a business move? Or does he harbor some deeper, darker resentment of the giant sports drink’s reach and power?

Either way, watching Klay Thompson forcibly swipe that bottle off the table made my day. Happy Monday y’all.

[h/t Reddit]

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