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Explain One Play: Jordan Bell attacks the Kings

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Video analysis of Jordan Bell’s offensive poise, energy and excellence against the Kings in the Warriors’ game on Nov 27 2017.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Golden State Warriors
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This is the second part of an epic video progress report on Jordan Bell. In the first part, Explain One Play: Jordan Bell defends the Kings, I wrote:

Well, Bell had a very showy and brief appearance in the Kings game, so I pulled video of all his defensive and offensive plays to see how much he’s progressed.

This article, we’ll look at his defense. It still has a ways to go, as he consistently compromises his rebounding position to hunt highlight blocks, allowing offensive putbacks. He does have the spectacular block, but even that is hit way too hard for the Dubs to benefit.

So this video is a bit of a downer. But the good news is that overall, Bell’s appearance was not negative: the score began GSW 39-38 and ended GSW 55-51 with Zach Randolph about to take 2 free throws. Bell brings unmistakable energy and poise to the offensive end, and we’ll look at that in the next installment.

Now here’s the next installment. In this video, Bell makes plays come to life with his poise, energy and quick reads. Some of the mistakes he makes will go with experience (not knowing the play). From an offensive perspective, he’s been shockingly Warriors-ready and I’d have no issue with having him start tomorrow. Not because he’s flawless, but he’s a reasonable alternative to the flawed Zaza Pachulia and JaVale McGee.

Here’s the video on Jordan Bell’s offense:

Jordan Bell attacks the Kings

Watch promising rookie Jordan Bell's smarts and athleticism on offense against the Kings. (For a video about his defense go here:

Posted by Golden State of Mind on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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