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Kerith Burke talks Steve Kerr, and the funniest Warriors

Golden State’s new sideline reporter shared her experiences covering the team

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Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Kerith Burke has some pretty big shoes to fill. Taking over for the wildly popular Ros Gold-Onwude as the sideline reporter for the Golden State Warriors is no easy task, but so far Burke has been tremendous.

It’s a huge career move for Burke who, despite an impressive sports broadcasting resume, was recently working at Whole Foods to pay the bills. Now, she’s covering one of the best teams in NBA history.

Naturally, Burke has some fascinating insight about the team. In a terrific interview with Steve Berman of The Athletic, Burke talked about what it’s like to cover such a special team, including one of her welcome-to-the-NBA moments:

One thing that caught me was, I think it was the first game, maybe. I hadn't had a chance to go up to Steph (yet), because he's always so in demand. But actually when I was interviewing him postgame, before we got on camera, he turned to me and said, “hey, Kerith, congratulations by the way.”

And we're about to go live and that just caught me for a second. Like, oh … OH. Wow, OK. This has been really cool. And I think, that's Steph, right? He's the most down-to-earth superstar on the planet.

Burke also had amazing things to say about coach Steve Kerr. Not surprisingly, she noticed a lot of similarities between the Warriors’ coach, and another coach of a historically great team, Geno Auriemma. Burke covered Auriemma, the coach of the UConn women’s basketball team for many years, and had the following to say about the two men:

They can be media-savvy, but sometimes when you have a savvy coach they say clichés or just lines of b.s., and you can tell when you’re getting worked a little bit. It's never like that with Geno or Steve. I feel like they're really straight-shooting guys who, you might be surprised to know, don't necessarily define themselves by basketball. They're such well-rounded people who happen to be outstanding coaches, but the humanity always comes through.

Burke was also asked who the funniest player on the team was. She wouldn’t give a definitive answer, because she didn’t want to sell anyone short, but she did mention Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Nick Young. Sounds about right!

The whole interview is worth reading. Burke is not only a great sideline reporter taking advantage of a well-earned opportunity, but an awesome person as well. She fits right in on this team.