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Check out this graphic of Jim Barnett’s NBA career

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The Warriors’ color commentator played with a lot of amazing players during his NBA days

These days, Golden State Warriors fans recognize Jim Barnett for one thing: his excellent color commentary on Warriors broadcasts. Fans who followed the Dubs in the 1970s, however, remember him for something else: his three-year stint as a guard for the Warriors.

Barnett played for Golden State from 1971-74, and averaged 11.9 points, 3.4 assists, and 3.0 rebounds per game, while shooting 44.5% from the field, and 83.1% from the free throw line. In all, he played 11 strong NBA seasons.

Due to Barnett’s long career in a stellar NBA era, and the fact that he bounced around on six different teams, he played with a lot of amazing NBA players. To celebrate that, Twitter user CrumpledJumper put together a hilarious and awesome graphic of Barnett’s illustrious teammate list:

If you can’t see the graphic, it shows that Barnett played alongside 21 eventual Hall of Famers, including Bill Russell, Rick Barry, Bill Bradley, and Julius Erving. It notes that he played alongside four players - including Pat Riley and Phil Jackson - who are now among the 10 winningest coaches in NBA history.

It also has some of the dads he played with, including the fathers of Kobe Bryant, Tamika Catchings, and former-Warrior Mike Dunleavy Jr.

It’s pretty stunning to see just how many amazing names Barnett shared the court. No wonder he has such an amazing understanding of the game!

For the record, Barnett has seen this graphic, and he was pretty tickled about it.

Pretty awesome.