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Steph Curry consulted Kobe Bryant about his injured hand

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The Warriors’ superstar sought the advice of a former MVP who dealt with similar injuries

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

NBA players often say that the league is a fraternity. They often talk about all players being in it together, regardless of team.

This week, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry proved that to be true. Curry was dealing with a contusion on his shooting hand that kept him out of Monday night’s loss to the Sacramento Kings.

Before suiting up for Wednesday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers - a game in which he work a wrap on his hand and ring finger - Curry consulted a former Laker great: Kobe Bryant.

Bryant - who, like Curry, is a former MVP - dealt with a few hand and finger injuries throughout his career.

As reported by ESPN, Curry admitted that it was weird and painful to play with the wrap, but suggested that he’ll be just fine, saying,

It hurts. But guys have played through worse than this. Obviously with your shooting hand, it's one of those things you got to get adjusted to. I'm not used to playing with tape, a brace, wrist wrap, all that stuff. But I'll get better with it.

While Curry was initially listed as questionable for Friday night’s game against the Orlando Magic, he is confident that he’ll play.

If his dynamic overtime was any indication, I’d say he’s already figuring it out.