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Steve Kerr hilariously pokes fun at the media

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The Warriors’ coach is not without a sense of humor

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Kerr knows how to keep things lighthearted. Despite being endlessly competitive, and often quite serious, the Golden State Warriors’ coach rarely passes up an opportunity to crack a good joke.

Wednesday, before the team’s impressive win over the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kerr found a golden opportunity. With Kevin Durant being sidelined due to a thigh contusion, Kerr had to announce the team’s starting forward for the game.

In the past, Kerr has joked with media members when he has to reveal news. He’ll give whatever important news he has, then playfully stop talking so that the journalists and columnists can tweet it out. When he does so, he usually quips about how media has changed, and how everyone is now attached to their phones.

But this time, Kerr took it a step further, with what was clearly a thought out skit. After letting on that Andre Iguodala would get the starting nod, Kerr broke out his nail clippers and file, and gave himself a little manicure while he waited for the news to get tweeted.

It’s a must watch clip:

Hopefully Kerr stays with the Warriors for a long, long time. But given his comedic timing, it’s safe to say he has a career in the entertainment industry if he ever decides to switch things up.