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The Warriors’ injuries are piling up

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Everybody knows Stephen Curry is out for a while, but other Warriors have also taken some time off to heal.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Stephen Curry’s ankle injury has been the big December news for Warriors fans, and it’s clearly the most pertinent issue the Warriors must address in coming weeks. But other Warriors have also dealt with injuries lately, and it may soon lead to some losses.

Zaza Pachulia has missed the last two games with left shoulder soreness, and Draymond Green missed the game against the Trail Blazers due to right shoulder soreness. The Warriors were without three starters on Monday’s matchup against Portland but were able to pull off the victory.

But during the Trail Blazers’ game, Nick Young suffered a concussion, and will probably be out for a week or so as he goes through concussion protocol. On Tuesday, he sent this sad tweet:

Other Warriors have been dealing with injuries as well: Patrick McCaw missed two games with a concussion and nose contusion, though he did return to action on Monday. Andre Iguodala missed two games with a sore knee earlier in the month.

When you add in scheduled rest days for veterans like Iguodala, David West, and Shaun Livingston, the roster can get stretched pretty thin. Luckily, the Warriors have a deep team with a bunch of weapons. In fact, it could even be a blessing in disguise: Players stepping up now to more important roles could help the team long-term.

The Warriors are a little banged up right now, but none of the injuries seem that serious. Golden State has the luxury of resting guys right up until when they’re totally healthy, and those players should take as much time as possible.

It’s a reminder that the season is long, that the Warriors may drop some dumb games here and there, and that the most important thing is being ready for the playoffs.