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Under Armour releases two more models of Steph Curry’s new shoe and is dropping them from the sky

On Saturday, Under Armour released the “More Dubs” and “More Dimes” models of the Curry 4.

The Curry 4 “More Dubs” sneaker was released on Saturday. Under Armour dropped 30 autographed pairs throughout the Bay Area via drone.
Photo courtesy of Kicks on Fire (

Today is a big day for businessman, Stephen Curry. Under Armour released two more models of his signature Curry 4 sneaker.

Nine days ago, the company released the Curry 4 “More Buckets” shoe which reflected Curry’s basketball trajectory from humble beginnings on the court to NBA stardom. The Curry 4 models are all the same shoe and structure, but the colors change depending on the model. Like the “More Buckets” model, the versions released on Saturday also represent a Curry-related narrative.

“More Dubs” dropped from drones in the Bay Area

The Curry 4 “More Dubs” model is a white shoe with hints of Warriors’ blue and yellow. The sneaker is a dedication to Oracle Arena. To raise awareness about the shoe’s release, Under Armour is going all out.

On Thursday, Under Armour announced that drones would be dropping 30 pairs of autographed “More Dubs” shoes from the sky. As obnoxious as the Bay Area tech scene can be in promoting various products, the mystery of a collective scavenger hunt to locate a hot new shoe is a fantastic engagement mechanism for fans.

Under Armour used Instagram and a digital map for shoe-seekers to locate the “drop zones” throughout the Bay.

“More Dimes” is a classic

The Curry 4 “More Dimes” was also released on Saturday. The shoe is black and white with gold trim, a classic look. Nice Kicks wrote a glowing review calling it “sleek, modern, and mature.” The review is also accompanied with excellent photos. This rendition of the Curry 4 reflects Steph’s underrated passing ability and excellent court vision.

Both Curry 4 models are on sale today for $130.

The black, white, and gold “More Dimes” should be a popular sell for Under Armour.
Photo courtesy of Nice Kicks

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