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The Golden Choice Part 2: Who will the Warriors draft in 2018?

Rui Hachimura, a raw sophomore from Gonzaga, might be the type of gamble the Warriors are willing to take in June.

Texas Southern v Gonzaga Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

In the first episode of the Golden Choice, I suggested three players who could be potential fits on the 2018-2019 Warriors. Tis’ the season of mock drafts changing on a weekly basis to reflect the performance of college players. Bear with me.

About Part 1

Villanova’s Mikal Bridges, who I suggested the Warriors look at for their first round pick, is off to an incredible start to his junior season at Villanova. He’s likely a top 15 pick, long before the Warriors’ end-of-the-first-round choice. Bridges’ status warrants me to take him off the Warriors’ draft board.

Bonzie Colson and Moritz Wagner, two other suggestions from the first edition, are off to solid starts. In the early stages of the season, both players are projected as second round picks. The Golden Choice series will include first or second round picks. The end of the first round and onward can be difficult to project.

Power Rankings: Who should the Warriors draft?

For each draft piece, these rankings will be updated with new additions. Colson and Wagner could shoot up to the first round, but both have been moved down the list given current mock drafts.

1. Rui Hachimura- Gonzaga, sophomore, forward (first or second rounder)

2. Moritz Wagner- Michigan, junior, power forward (second rounder)

3. Bonzie Colson- Notre Dame, senior, forward (second rounder)

Rui Hachimura

Hachimura is a key component to Gonzaga’s fine-tuned, top 25 machine. The Beninese-Japanese sophomore was raised in Sendai, Japan and is still learning English. His draft stock has plummeted though since the start of the season as he’s struggled to find consistency on an uber-talented team (he’s not starting). His smooth shot, and an athletic 6’8’’ frame though could go a long way in the NBA . Steve Kerr has said before that success in the NBA is all about finding 6’7’’ (ish) guys who can defend and shoot. Hachimura is still raw but, with time to develop, his skill set might a fit in Golden State. Depending on how his season plays out he could be a first-round pick, second-round pick, or stay another year. It’s up to him.

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