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Draymond Green isn’t too happy about being sidelined

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We haven’t seen Draymond Green much this month, and he’s not too pleased about that.

Miami Heat v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

While the Golden State Warriors have been cooking lately, even in the absence of Stephen Curry, something hasn’t looked right. The product has been good, but there’s been a distinct lack of Draymond Green, and it’s noticeable.

Green is the Warriors’ emotional leader. His screaming, flexing, and trash-talking may rub some people the wrong way, but it’s definitely a big part of why the team is so successful. Naturally, it looks like something is missing when Green and his antics are off the court.

A shoulder injury has been sidelining Green, and, to hear coach Steve Kerr talk about it, Green is none too pleased to be missing time.

Among other things, Kerr says, “Draymond is not happy, I can tell you that. He’s happiest when he’s on the floor, hair on fire, screaming at everybody and competing. That’s what he loves. It’s been hard on him, it’s been hard on Steph. But Draymond also knows that this is the smart approach.”

Kerr went on to remark that Green is not unhappy with the coach, just the situation. He noted that Green has not fought Kerr on the decision to sideline him, but Kerr jokingly added in that Green has fought him over some other things.

Get well soon, Dray. It’s not the same without you out there.