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The Grinch Who Stole (Steph Curry’s) Christmas

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Warriors GM Bob Myers withholds Steph’s favorite toy, and all the JD-laced egg nog in the world won’t make him give it back.

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The Grinch hovers over Central Park West at the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Nov. 23, 2017.
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Stephen Curry may have been good all year, but a wee moment of trickery may have inspired Santa to move his name — just days before Christmas — from the Nice list to the Naughty one.

A general manager of a championship-winning team is busy on a normal basis. Add in the holidays, and the big Christmas-Day games, and Bob Myers is brain-on-the-fritz frazzled.

During a brief encounter on Monday, this is something Steph notices: Myers, with hair a bit disheveled, shirt unusually rumpled ... brown eyes obscured by dark circles.

“What do you really think?” Myers asks, regarding a possible date for his star player to return to the court.

Stealthy, like a cheetah ready to turn an impala into dinner, Steph goes in for the kill.

“Monday,” Curry replies, desperate to get in on the Christmas-Day action. He knows the day for re-evaluation of his injured ankle is Tuesday.

But Steph clearly has underestimated the cerebral powers of a GM of Myers’ caliber, who didn’t miss a beat. Myers points out right away that Monday — Christmas Day — is inside Steph’s re-evaluation window.


“Yeah, I know but things can change,” Steph is said to have replied.

Yeah, things certainly can change — like Santa moving his name from the Nice list to the Naughty one for trying to return to the court too soon. Thus, the Warriors will be without Curry’s services during the hotly-awaited Christmas Day rematch versus the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Meanwhile, Myers — Santa’s assistant extraordinaire — isn’t falling for the baby face or any of Steph’s shenanigans. He’s all-in to deliver a lump of coal to Steph’s stocking on Christmas morning.

“Even if he caught me at a weak moment of four egg nogs and Jack,” Myers said. “I’m not going to say, ‘Sounds good my man.’ That ain’t happening.”

But a lump of coal for Steph on Christmas Day is perhaps a belated, overstuffed stocking for all of Dub Nation.

A Warriors’ repeat championship depends on a healthy Stephen Curry.