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Rockets GM: Houston’s only focus is beating Golden State

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Daryl Morey admitted that the Rockets’ strategy is to do whatever is necessary to beat the Warriors.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not exactly news that the Golden State Warriors are the team to beat in the NBA. The Dubs have won the NBA Finals in two of the last three years, and have amassed the best three-year record in NBA history.

Still, NBA teams and players are a prideful bunch, and that doesn’t always lead to logical conclusions. Need evidence? Here’s former Oklahoma City Thunder center Enes Kanter saying he expects the Thunder to be the team to beat in the West.

Daryl Morey, on the other hand, is a bit more realistic. Morey is the GM of the Houston Rockets, who have been nothing short of brilliant this season. He was recently on ESPN Radio, and admitted that the Rockets make all of their moves with the Warriors in mind.

It's the only thing we think about. I think I'm not supposed to say that, but we're basically obsessed with 'How do we beat the Warriors?'

Last year, the Spurs knocked us off, so we're very worried about the Spurs. They're always one step ahead of every organization and guard us better than anyone. But we calculated it -- it's like 90 percent if we're gonna win a title, we've gotta obviously beat the Warriors at some point. So we're extremely focused on that. A lot of our signings and what we do during the year is based on that.

I don't know why you'd do anything else. Like, what is the point of this league except winning a title? So we'd love to get the 1-seed, we'd love to win more games than any in Rockets history, which is 58. Those are all nice things, but frankly, we spend most of our time just figuring out how we might just knock the Warriors out in seven games. Because we're pretty sure that's what's going to define our season.

On the one hand, Morey’s comments are fun material for anyone who likes to laugh at the league’s obsession with Golden State. On the other hand, Morey has a good, smart, and respectful opinion here.

The Warriors are undeniably the top dog in the NBA. And any team in the West with title aspirations will almost certainly have to go through Golden State. If anything, Morey’s honesty and lack of arrogance is refreshing, and a stark contrast to what we normally hear.

Currently, the Rockets have the best record in the league, and the second-best net rating. The Warriors have the second-best record in the league, and the best net rating. They are both far and away better than any other team in the NBA.

If both teams can stay healthy, they look to be on a collision course, with the Western Conference Finals being the destination. And what an incredible series that would be.