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Lakers @Warriors - Draymond Green is back!

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Green and Iguodala are available; but still no Livingston, Curry, or Pachulia

Memphis Grizzlies v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Happy holiday weekend everyone!

With most of us now coasting across the finish line of 2017, the Warriors are gearing up for one of their measuring stick games. No, not against the Lakers tonight, or the Nuggets tomorrow night - but the big (annual?) showdown against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Christmas day.

But first, the Warrior will have to take care of business against a Lakers team that has played us very tough.

Draymond says he probably shouldn’t have played against Detroit

Well, for all the talk the team gave about being more cautious with injuries, Draymond Green’s recent shoulder troubles are...troubling.

Initially, he hurt it on a weird play where he crashed hard against the backboard trying to block a shot. This led to all that weird shoulder tape. You know the stuff, it supposedly feels good but has no medical value? Well after wearing a ton of that tape all over his shoulder, the Warriors eventually shut him down.

He’s back now, but I’m still not seeing a great discussion about what exactly was/is going on with that shoulder. As per his comments prior to the game tonight, if you are having trouble brushing your hair in the morning, there’s probably something wrong inside there, no?

Last season it was the toaster, this season, it could very well be Jim Barnett’s gold chain

Whatever you choose to attribute it to, the Warriors have been rolling! Even while dealing with a huge rash of injuries - including two of their best players - the Warriors have been more than up to the task lately.

The winning streak is nothing these Warriors haven’t done before, but it is still mightily encouraging to see the team coming together while short-handed.

Pull up your most comfortable chair and favorite holiday beverage, this should be another fun game.

Those plucky Lakers aren’t going down without a fight - but they are going down!