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Warriors seek 12 in a row against the Nuggets

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No Curry, no Pachulia, no Livingston ... no problem?

McDonald's Introduces New McNuggets Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images

The Warriors sit at 11 wins in a row heading into a tilt at Oracle Arena against the 17-15 Nuggets.

Denver is 6-12 for away games, while Golden State is 12-3 at home. With key players out with injury on both sides, this could be an interesting one (or not).

Players that typically develop a case of Numb Bum from sitting so much will get opportunities to show their stuff and prove some points. Draymond Green, who just returned to the lineup last night against the Lakers, will get the chance to regain some momentum post-injury in the run-up to the big Christmas Day rematch against the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Players will go through the motions, quietly doing last-minute Christmas shopping in their heads. Thoughts of late-night gift-wrapping parties interrupting dribbles ... Questions of, Will that Amazon package arrive in time? causing shots to miss by a mile.

And, oh, the foibles that could happen if their daydreams fall on tables of holiday food.

The Warriors may very well compete for 12 straight. But, really, it doesn’t matter if they don’t (except for the superstitious who might have an issue with the team going for win #13 against the Cavs on Christmas Day).


What happens tonight?

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  • 24%
    Warriors feast on the Nuggets
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  • 38%
    Nuggets squeak out a win
    (33 votes)
  • 36%
    Warriors pack it in, wrap gifts on the sideline
    (31 votes)
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