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Warriors vs. Cavaliers Christmas day match: All the beef you’ll ever need

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The Mindcast fellas welcome GSOM writer Daniel Hardee to the pod to preview today’s big Christmas matchup and throw a bunch of shade around the NBA.

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Christmas! It’s time for family, cheer, holiday drinks, and well wishes. So, of course, we got on a podcast and talked soooooooo much s—t about the Cavaliers, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and the Rockets (and Clippers). Our souls are broken, I suppose. In other news, this podcast originally included about 45 minutes of Kobe Bryant talk (read: hatred) that I edited out because ... why waste more words on that dude? So, if you’re confused at all — if we reference things that aren’t actually on the pod — blame it on Kobe.

I’m sort of sorry we did this, but what better way to say goodbye to a horrible 2017 than by ranting for unnecessarily long amounts of time about things that don’t actually have any true bearing on our lives, other than as a form of distraction and entertainment?

Enjoy our vitriol and go out and spread some cheer on our behalf!

[Annotated list of topics. Add time if blogtalk inserts an advertisement.]

0:05 - Welcome! Merry Christmas! Let’s talk about tonight’s Cavaliers vs. Warriors match!

5:20 - Which teams have you enjoyed watching the least this season?

7:40 - Which players do you tune in to watch, specifically?

11:30 - Talking about the Rockets for awhile.

12:00 - “Chris Paul’s soul is trapped in Riley Curry’s aquarium.” Ouch.

14:00 - I do not like this OKC team. We talk some shaaaade about Carmelo Anthony.

20:00 - “Russell Westbrook is the new Kobe.” And not in a good way.

27:30 - Revisiting the Iverson Sixers in the middle of a long talk about iso basketball.

30:00 - If Westbrook got some good coaching, could he improve his game drastically, a la Michael Jordan with Phil Jackson?

37:30 - Ivan’s hilarious attempt to end the pod.

So there it is. Beef, beef, and more beef for your Christmas meal and listening pleasure. Remember to hug a loved one today.