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Gamethread: Warriors host the Hornets

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Charlotte is in town for Golden State’s final game without Steph Curry.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

It’s an exciting day for Golden State Warriors fans: Not only are the Dubs playing on a Friday night, but it’s likely the final game before Stephen Curry returns. The wait is almost over!

Until then, Curry’s hometown team, the Charlotte Hornets, are paying their only visit to Oracle Arena. Charlotte is struggling, so the Warriors have a chance to really dominate this one.

They’ll have to do so without Omri Casspi, who sprained his ankle during Wednesday’s victory against the Utah Jazz. Thankfully, Casspi’s sprain is minor, and he may return to action on Saturday as well.

The Dubs beat the Hornets soundly a few weeks ago in their first game without Curry. It only seems poetic that they beat the Hornets soundly tonight in their last game without Curry. That only seems right to me.

And in case you need some excitement and entertainment during the commercial breaks, here’s a video of Curry shooting before the game:

Let’s Go Dubs!