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Dwayne Johnson says Trump missed ‘perfect opportunity’ in criticism of Curry over White House visit

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The actor, commonly known as “The Rock,” calls for inclusiveness and engagement instead of reactionary attacks.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Presents Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson at Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic-Con on Saturda,, October 28, 2017
Actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at Comic-Con on Oct. 28 at Los Angeles Convention Center.
Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

Dwayne Johnson, in a recent interview with InStyle Magazine, weighed in on athlete activism and President Donald Trump’s handling of Stephen Curry’s intent to decline an invitation to the White House to celebrate the Warriors’ 2017 NBA Championship.

“Steph is a very good buddy of mine,” Johnson said. “I know him and his family. And at the time when he declined the offer, I felt like it was our president’s perfect opportunity to say, ‘Now you must come to the White House and sit down with me, and I must hear you and understand you’.”

Johnson also said he wants politicians to view kneeling during the National Anthem as an act of desperation rather than one of defiance — a “last resort” to be heard. He called on the country’s leaders to step up and provide “greater leadership that’s inclusive and truly hears the people and doesn’t have a knee-jerk reaction out of anger.”

Johnson, who has been a longtime subject of jokes about becoming a future “wildcard” politician, confirmed that he is, indeed, considering pursuing a career in politics.

For fans of Curry’s “weaponized joy,” the entire InStyle interview would be worth reading to learn about Johnson’s “relentless positivity.”