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Warriors at Pelicans - McGee will start for injured Pachulia; Livingston suspended.

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Nothing easy in the Big Easy? Zaza has been good against Cousins

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Even though these teams aren’t that close on paper, expect a tough game tonight when the Golden State Warriors head to New Orleans to take on the Pelicans. While they are indeed playing without Anthony Davis, the Pelicans aren’t going to just let the Warriors waltz in for an easy win.

Due to the absence of Zaza Pachulia (injured shoulder) and Shaun Livingston (suspension) our starting lineup and bench units are all going to look a little different tonight. Steph Curry’s hand still looks like it’s transforming into a mummy, so expect heavy minutes for Patrick McCaw and Andre Iguodala as they share ball handling duties.

It was just announced that Javale McGee will get the start in place of Zaza.

As you may have heard by now, Shaun Livingston was suspended over some bullsh.... a weird interaction with a referee during last night’s game. I’m not going to pretend like Livingston is blameless, but let’s just say that I am please to see the NBA suspend the referee as well. Livingston’s suspension was automatic since he made contact with the referee - the inclusion of a suspension for the ref at least signals that the league understands he was partly to blame for the flare-up.

Center Zaza Pachulia was also a late scratch, as the team moved him from “questionable” to “out” about an hour and a half before tipoff.

Zaza has always played a critical role in frustrating Demarcus Cousins into a bad night. The Pelicans are without star Anthony Davis for a while, so this isn’t as bad as it could have been for the Warriors, but he will be missed.

Still, great opportunity for Javale!

Also, in case anyone was wondering, here’s a good article on Davis’ recent hip injury. Any time someone goes down with no contact, it is cause for alarm - but thankfully the MRI results showed no structural damage. For now, he’s just listed as out with a adductor strain. Here he is just prior to that game talking about it.