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Explain One Play: Bell alley-oop from KD

Video analysis of rookie Jordan Bell in Draymond’s place in the new play GSW has been working out, in the Miami game on Dec 3 2017.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Orlando Magic
through the chaos, the Bell abides
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green had to sit out some of the Miami Heat game due to back issues. Jordan Bell, someone I’ve been meaning to write about, came in and played the Green role in more ways than one.

There’s a particular play set that the Warriors have been working out the last couple of games, running them several times in a row. It starts with Curry using a high double screen from Kevin Durant and Green and flows into split cuts by Green and Curry with Durant as the post passer. Without Draymond in, we got to see Jordan Bell playing his role in this play.

For lack of an official name, I’m going to call this Double Punch, as it starts with the double screen and Punch is often used to name plays where a big downscreens and then posts up.

If you want to review the play, check out the last two E1Ps:

And here’s a video on how it turned out in Miami (hint: see title).

Bell alley-oop from KD

Watch rookie Jordan Bell get up to finish an alley-oop from Kevin Durant. This was a dunk several plays in the making, as Bell played Draymond Green's role in a new play the Warriors have been exploring. (Earlier discussions of this play: and

Posted by Golden State of Mind on Monday, December 4, 2017

(alternate YouTube link)

Last Thoughts

It looks like this set is here to stay. I would think the true final form of this would have Klay Thompson playing Draymond’s role as this play is currently defended by giving up open threes to Green or Bell.


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