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Curry’s injury provides the first “wake-up call” of the season

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Nate and Bram are joined by new GSoM writer Tom to discuss the Warriors’ season so far, Curry’s injury, mortality, and much more.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State of Mindcast is back! Nate and I sat down with new writer Thomas Bevilacqua to discuss the season, how Curry’s injury has really been a “wake-up call,” the limits of fandom, and mortality. Sounds like a nice little jaunt through the first part of the season!

1:30 - Where are we as Warriors fans, especially with championship fatigue and the Stephen Curry ankle injury?

6:20 - When will we see Curry again?

9:30 - Reactions to the injury, how it brings back old pains.

11:30 - Separating bandwagon fans from old school fans.

15:00 - Looking at the rest of the NBA. How have other teams performed so far, and where do the Warriors fit into that hierarchy?

19:00 - How the Warriors are making Jordan Bell into a star, much in the same way like how the Spurs’ system has made other second round players into stars.

33:30 - Tom as our resident “librarian.” We take a stroll through his favorite Warriors-related books he’s been reading.

40:00 - Somewhere around here the conversation transitions to ideas of how things age, which books or articles will be meaningful in a few years or a few decades, and basically the whole “stick to sports” argument and what that means. Also, which of the recent books about the Warriors will transcend their time and live on?

49:00 - The unique moment in which we are living.

51:00 - Nate’s very good advice on how to become a better writer.

1:02:00 - Tom’s plans for a future book. Very exciting.

1:06:00 - We would all read a well-written biography of Steve Kerr.

Stay tuned for more episodes. We’ve been off for a while, but will be posting with more regularity as the season progresses.