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Under Armour plans to release Curry 4 “More Buckets” shoe on Friday

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Stephen Curry’s new model has the same structure as the older Curry 4, but its contrasting greys tell a different story.

The grey Curry 4 “Get Buckets” are for sale Friday, December 8 for $130.
Photo via Under Armour and

On Friday, Under Armour is expected to release its newest version of Stephen Curry’s shoe: the Curry 4 “Get Buckets.” The “Get Buckets” sneaker is essentially same design as the previously released Curry 4 but the colors are different.

The “Get Buckets” model has a story behind its light and dark grey colors. Under Armour explained to SLAM Magazine that the grey colors “can be looked at as a before and after contrast. The lighter shade represents his humble beginnings, while the bolder shade signals his present and future accomplishments.”

In an applicable context, the “Get Buckets” represents Curry’s maturation process. Before his recent injury, Curry has gotten buckets in a variety of ways this season. He’s taken more hits down low on layups, and is scoring two-pointers at a higher rate than ever before. The sneaker is meant to showcase his story from a flashy scorer to a NBA-legend and champion who adapts.

One of the Under Armour’s priorities with the shoe was to protect Curry’s fragile ankles and to design the sneaker knowing Curry wears ankle braces. Hence, the Curry 4 is known for the “knit internal sleeve” on the ankle.

“We worked with our innovation team and what they did is they were able to figure out a mechanical stretch in the knit to get it to expand like crazy,” Kort Neumann, the shoe’s lead designer, told Slam Magazine. “That’s the really cool part, with Steph wearing the braces, you really got to have a high stretch in that area to get your foot into the shoe.”

The Curry 4 “Get Buckets” is for sale on Friday, Dec 8, for $130. Expect at least one more Under Armour/Curry release before the Christmas Day game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.