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The Warriors are getting into it with the referees

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The Warriors are leading the league in technical fouls and ejections. What is happening?

The Golden State Warriors are generally a mild-mannered team. With the notable exception of Draymond Green, they seldom have significant arguments or conflicts with either opponents or referees.

But for some reason this season, they’ve been the rowdiest of any team in the league. The Warriors have amassed 18 technicals so far this season, and have suffered six ejections as well.

Of course, Draymond Green has had his fair share of spats, leading the league with seven technical fouls. But Stephen Curry and Shaun Livingston — both usually soft-spoken — have been ejected so far. And to top it off, Kevin Durant has suddenly become the most ejected player in the league.

This recent road trip has featured three ejections alone, with Durant ejected twice and Livingston ejected once. They really have to pull it together, especially in the wake of Steph Curry’s injury. They need to stay in the game.

So what is up? The Warriors have lost their composure quite a few times so far. Their season has had its ups and downs, and in general they’re not as consistent with their focus and energy as they’ve been in previous years.

Maybe because they’ve had less motivation to prove themselves this year, their cure for their general malaise and disinterest is coming from a less productive source. If their drive to win is because of frustration (some of which is taken out on the referees) mixed with a sprinkle of anger, that’s not a consistent long-term solution.

Overall, they’ll have to rein in their negative feelings for the remainder of the season. Even if the calls aren’t going their way (which will be the case sometimes), it’s best to channel that frustration into something positive rather than lashing out. They’re the best team in the league, and they should be aware opposing teams are out to make a statement every game. Just chill, Dubs.