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Durant and Roberson get INTO IT as OKC fans lose cool

Things are getting heated in OKC.

Golden State Warriors v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Kevin Durant has been booed all night, with OKC fans showing that they have no love left for their former superstar, no matter how much he helped out the organization or the city. After a play in the third quarter, Andre Roberson fouled Durant as he drove towards the hoop. Durant fell hard into the basketball stanchion, and bounced up, getting right in Roberson’s face.

As the crowd chanted “CUPCAKE,” the players had to be physically separated. KD was not pleased with Roberson’s play, and got a bit heated.

Things are lit in OKC. Steve Kerr is literally having to tell the fans in the stands to chill out.

Here’s to hoping cooler heads prevail, and that the fans in OKC remember how much Durant gave them over the years.

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