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Draymond Green’s karate basketball video game

A small video game developer has released an NBA Jam inspired video game all about Draymond Green and his controversial "kicking".

Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors - Game One Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Draymond Green’s "Shut Up and Slam Jam Karate Basketball" is available now on PC, Mac and Linux. It is a local multiplayer game based on Greens' crotch kicking antics that were well covered by mainstream press over the last year.

The story revolves around Green’s local rec center being double booked for a Karate tournament and a charity basketball event (featuring other supposedly "dirty" players; Chris Paul, Mathew Dellavedova and Metta World Peace).

The game supports up to four players at once in a deadly game of two-on-two; there is a multitude of weapons to throw at opponents and the ability to steal the ball by karate kicking the other players.

While the topic of Green’s "dirty plays" hasn't been in the news quite as much as it was before this is still a brilliant concept for a small indie game. Warriors fans might not always agree with the outsiders’ perception of Green but this game is pretty funny.

The game was created by an Australian development team called "Seadads". You can download the game for PC here.

Perhaps this will inspire more hilarious video games or even inspire Draymond Green himself to start his own podcast "Kickin' it with Draymond". Only time will tell...


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