Warriors to sign Matt Barnes to fill final roster spot amid KD Injury

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Fairly quick development that Warriors plan to sign Matt Barnes which can potentially indicate that KD might be out for an extended amount of time. Nothing has been officially reported on his injury status but this is a quick move by the front office and it indicates some level of concern to go and get insurance at the SF position

UPDATE: Looks like it is just about official as it gets

Barnes is great veteran pick up but he is no KD. So the question now, assuming KD is out for an extended period of time. Who is going to step up?

Some options to replace KD in starting lineup:

1) Patrick McCaw (SF) - Seems like the best bet with Barnes & Iggy filling up minutes at the SF position

2) Andre Iguodala (SF) - It's been a while since he has started a game, maybe he can get a few starts

3) Matt Barnes (SF) - Good defender, still has a 3-point shot. Will need to get up to speed, likely see him come off bench

What do you guys think?

Also, since it is now more relevant than ever. Matt Barnes is bridging the old Warriors with the new Warriors. So it's relevant to ask, who is your favorite Warrior from the We Believe team

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