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Klay Thompson away from team to attend grandfather’s funeral

The Splash Brother will likely be away from the team until at least Wednesday.

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Klay Thompson is away from the Warriors due to the passing of his grandfather. As we’ve seen over the years, he has never been quiet about his love for his family, and it has been reported that he and his grandfather had a close relationship.

This was apparent earlier this year when Thompson flew to Portland to visit his ailing grandfather, for what he believed would be the last time. Thompson was questionable for that night’s game against the Thunder, but his grandfather sent him back to work and he arrived just in time to play.

It’s always sad when someone loses a loved one, whether we know them or not. But for some of these players, while we may not know them or their families personally, it feels like we do because we’ve watched them for so many years. The Thompson and Curry families have been in our lives for generations and they’ve opened up their lives to all of us, allowing us to know and love their families as well as their play on the court.

We root for Mychel Thompson playing for the Santa Cruz Warriors, and try not to boo when Trayce Thompson comes to town with the Dodgers. We’ve watched Ayesha Curry’s rise to fame in her own right, and watched as their daughters grow up in front of our eyes. We’ve rooted for Seth Curry’s blossoming NBA career and Sydel Curry’s college volleyball success.

Curry’s and Thompson’s fathers never could stay too far away from the NBA, and we’ve watched the pride on their mothers’ faces since the day they were drafted. But it’s not just them — many of us interact with Draymond Green’s and Kevin Durant’s mothers on Twitter. Their families have opened up to Dub Nation as a fan base. This is why it stings all the more when one of them loses a loved one.

We would like to offer our deepest condolences to Klay and his family at this time of sorrow.

He will be out for Tuesday’s practice to attend funeral services, but there is no indication that he will miss Wednesday night’s game. Honestly, though — no one would blame him if he did. Life is the bigger picture: love and family.

So, hug your loved ones, folks.

Leave condolences and well-wishes for Klay in the comments.

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