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Kevin Durant injured: The 3-1 curse is very real

Durant injured, Matt Barnes re-signed. What the hell is happening?

NBA: All Star Practice Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The English language is a beautiful, luscious creature. It holds so many mysteries. It envelopes and entices. And yet, there is only one word in the entirety of the English language — which, according to the Oxford Dictionary, houses 171,476 words in current use, and 47,156 obsolete words — that can properly sum up my feelings at the moment:


However, I’ve been told not to use that word too often, as it upsets the children and displaces the world’s energy sphere, etc, etc. So, instead, we are going to use the word “pig” from here on out.

Got it?

Okay, good. Here we go.

Pig this pigging pig-loving pig of a piggery situation. I’m pigging tired of this. Why can’t NBA players stay pigging healthy? What part of my pigging soul do I have to sell to some pigging pig doctor to ensure that the injury gods don’t pigging pig my favorite team out of of another pigging trophy by pigging one of the most important players on the court?!


Wait, sorry. That wasn’t the right clip. Here we go:

“Fell back,” lol. Yeah, Pachulia “fell back” into Durant’s left knee the same way the US government is going to “actively investigate” the Trump-Russia ties. More like, “pushed over a cliff into a sea of anger and oblivion” in both cases.

Today is March 1st. 3/1. If you think people haven’t noticed the symbolism, I have a book on anger-management written by this guy to sell you. Also, side note:


In related, surreal news, the Warriors will sign Matt Barnes instead of Jose Calderon. I feel multiple emotions surrounding this development, but first:

Okay, that’s pretty cool. My first, gut reaction to the Barnes signing was remembering the summer of 2007. My step-mother was still alive. Barnes was one of my favorite players on the team. It was a magical journey. A journey I’ll never forget.

And yet ... and yet. The dude comes with some, uh, baggage.

Some recent headlines:

Matt Barnes surrenders to cops over nightclub brawl

Matt Barnes Terrorizes Ex, Amusing Sportswriters

Matt Barnes drove 95 miles to ‘beat the s–t’ out of Derek Fisher

So, yeah.

I — irrationally, despondently, stupidly because I can’t ever forget 2007 and all my own baggage that goes along with it — still root for Matt Barnes. I always have and I always will. I love his tattoos. I love his attitude on the court, but only when he’s playing for the Warriors.

But, Matt Barnes is not Kevin Durant.

Via an email from BookMaker:

Throughout the season, BookMaker Sportsbook has offered a Golden State Warriors vs. Field prop. Earlier this week, the Warriors were -220 while the field was +185. Golden State remains the odds-on favorite to win with -175 odds.

The Cavaliers’ odds to win the championship have moved from +360 to +250 while the Spurs’ odds dropped from +1100 to +800. Below is a comparison of current odds and last week’s odds.

“They’re saying Durant could be back before the end of the regular season, but you can’t always believe information disseminated at the team level. We have no reason to believe that his injury is more serious that what we’ve heard, but we have to protect ourselves against that possibility. You also have to factor in the team cohesiveness when he returns. And of course, there is always the possibility of re-injuring the same knee during the playoffs.”

However, the news could be soooooo much worse. I mean, the Warriors could have signed Jose Calderon!

Wait, I meant to say: I mean, Kevin Durant could have been ruled OUT FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON. Instead, he may even be back before the playoffs, assuming everything falls into place and the bone bruise heals faster than expected.

Either way, the Warriors are still the best team in the NBA, no matter that the Cavaliers signed Andrew Bogut and Deron Williams. The Warriors were within a single game — a single possession — of becoming back to back champions. Of becoming the greatest team of all time. They did that all without Kevin Durant. Heck, they almost won the championship with a hobbled Stephen Curry. So, assuming they can avoid any other catastrophic injuries to, say, Curry, Klay, or Draymond, I think they’ll be okay.

Curry and Draymond think so as well, and are relieved the injury diagnosis wasn’t more dire:

But to receive this news on 3/1?

Man, yikes. This pigging curse is real, huh?

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