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Warriors lose a stupid, stupid game 103-102 to Timberwolves


NBA: Golden State Warriors at Minnesota Timberwolves Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This was a very stupid game.

The Warriors limped into tonight’s game with a belt full of unfortunate experiences. There was the Durant injury. The strange schedule foisted upon them by the league. The shooting slump. The slumped shoulders.

In the end, they dropped the game by a single point, losing 103-102 in Minnesota. However, they had been down by 17 points, but they’d struggled back — expending all sorts of energy, energy they definitely didn’t have available — to take the lead late in the fourth quarter.

But some bad calls later, plus some tired legs later, the game ended on a stupid jump ball that probably shouldn’t have happened. The ball careened away, into empty space. Two games lost in a row. It’s becoming an epidemic.

Here — in a sort of angry, postgame, I don’t really care way — are some of my notes from the game:

First quarter

In an up and down first quarter, the Warriors continued their somewhat perturbing stretch of “not looking so great, and oh god can they actually win the title without Durant or are we doomed forever” play.

However, Klay got off to a good start. He seemed hot. He seemed scintillating. Klay was being Klay. Was it going to be that kind of night?

Also, CSN Bay Area flashed this very cool stat:

Coming for the familial crown.

However this game turned out, Steph seemed like he might challenge his pops for #210 [editor’s note: he did indeed pass his father during the game]. First Kobe in the three point record, now this? Pretty good for a dude in a deep, unholily deep shooting slump.

Also, at some point, I tweeted this. I regret nothing.

With Minnesota shooting above 50% for the quarter, Minnesota ended the quarter up 10 points, 34-24.

Second Quarter


[editor’s note: these are the placeholder notes I wrote before the quarter started, and — F it — I’m leaving them because, ehh, it was boring.]

The Warriors went down big, they fought back, they ended up down by nine points.

A big ol’ rowdy (non-rowdy), “ehh.”

Third Quarter

I was beginning to feel the same way. Like, maybe kinda sorta this could be a thing? Especially considering the stretch of games they’d just played?

It’s been a strange couple of weeks.

The teams battled back and forth. Back and forth. Honestly, I was having a super deep conversation with my wife the whole time. It was soul-affirming and eye-opening, and I won’t explain any of it. Also, I missed most of this quarter.

Warriors ended up down 10 on a Matt Barnes lay up right before the break, actually shit, nope. The lay up was dismissed as an act of tom foolery. An act of mischievousness. An act of action. Down 12.

Fourth Quarter

Here are some buddies of mine playing a very good song:

Don’t worrya bout this game. It never happened. And if it did happen, it was just stupid. Walk away from it now. Don’t look back. Watch the Julian Lage video and forget that anything bad has ever happened ever, even once, in this world.

Shortly after the game, Steve Kerr announced that he would be sitting basically the whole team vs. the Spurs tomorrow (Saturday) night on national TV.


Andre Iguodala’s reaction:


Draymond Green’s reaction:

So, um... Wow.

As always, h/t Anthony Slater for being right there, and for giving us all the juicy tidbits from the locker room.

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