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Steph Curry confirms he ditched Nike because they got his name wrong

Steph Curry appeared on the Dan Patrick Show to discuss his personal life and explain why he's picking James Harden for MVP.

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Stephen Curry is a man of mystery. A man of action. A man who expects you to know how to pronounce his damn name.

And that's not an unrealistic request, especially if you are hoping to do business with the man.

This story about Curry’s shoe deal has been floating around the internet for a while. If you missed it, definitely check out Ethan Sherwood Strauss’ excellent article covering the whole thing - but long story short: when they were making their big pitch to land him as a client, Nike screwed up their presentation to Curry pretty badly. From leaving a placeholder name in from a previous presentation (it was his now-teammate Kevin Durant) to massacring the pronunciation of his name, Nike apparently fumbled their way out of the Curry franchise. Up till his most recent appearance on The Dan Patrick Show though, I don’t think Curry had ever directly addressed it.

Curry starts off talking about the challenges of going out to a post-show dinner, but transitions to the Nike story around the 50 second mark.

Now that he’s such a household name, I am still shocked when I hear people call him Steph-on, or Steven. But for the record, it does bother Steph... err, Stephen. Whatever. Just don’t call him Steve.

The Dan Patrick show also shared this other snippet. Steph demurred on answering who he prefers to guard, but made a pretty decisive nod on the MVP.

If you want more, you can find the entire interview here.

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