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Steph Curry was that cool kid with the “Home Alone walkie talkie thing”

Ahh, memories of antiquated gadgets.

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Press Room Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Stephen Curry just showed why he is the man of the people. Or at least, the man of the 35-and-under people.

Asked what his favorite birthday gift of all time, he came up with a clutch answer:

“Probably the Home Alone walkie talkie thing that you could change your voice. Y’know, where you order pizza and you put it on the table and it changes voice and all that kind of stuff. That was pretty crazy back in the day.”

Are you kidding me? That Home Alone walkie talkie thing was the MUST HAVE GIFT OF THE PAST CENTURY! Arrrrgh, I’m getting jealous of eight year old me who played like a mofo with that thing back in 1994!

I mean, who wouldn’t want one of these! Just watch it in action!

Wait, shit, sorry. Wrong video. Here, this is it!

AAAAAAAAA no no no no no nononononononononononono no no no sorry, that was the wrong one too.

Here, okay, wait, I got it:

In a world oversaturated with meaningless technology that only serves to obfuscate, complicate, and defecate upon any climb towards simplicity and truth, it’s comforting to remember that things were just as dumb and pointless back in the nineties as they are now. Hey, speaking of product placement and ad leverage, let’s do this the right way for once:

Oh, chuckles.

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