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Just how important is the one seed for the Warriors?

Just depends on who you ask.

NBA: Orlando Magic at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

OAKLAND, Calif. — We are watching the Golden State Warriors grow up right before our very eyes and is it quite the fascinating case study.

After feeling the affect of losing the NBA finals on their home court in a traumatic game seven loss, the Warriors have invested more time and energy in their future orientation than a season ago.

Last year, the Warriors were hell bent on proving to the basketball world that they were they baddest collection of round-ball playing mofo’s to ever step on a court. And for the most part, they accomplished that.

But while the mighty Warriors won a vast majority of the battles, they ultimately lost the war to the mighty king himself. Therefore things needed to change in 2017 and at the top of the list was the overall plan of attack throughout the regular season.

Up until Feb. 28th, things were going relatively smooth for Golden State. However the loss of Kevin Durant for what seems to be the remainder of the regular season has acted as the impetus for the Warriors to reprioritize what matters most heading into the playoffs.

And that may not necessarily include being at the top of the Western Conference come April 13th.

Obviously, having the one seed and being completely healthy is the ideal situation. But after last night’s scare with Steph Curry and Durant sidelined, it seems as the tide is beginning to turn amongst the Warriors in what matters most heading into the post season.

“It used to be really important, at this point it really doesn’t matter anymore,” Draymond Green told reporters after Thursday’s shoot around. “You just want to be healthy and put yourself in the best position to be successful come playoff time and that doesn’t always mean the one-seed.”

While the one-seed would be nice, it is not the of the utmost importance.

Draymond Green knows this, as does head coach Steve Kerr who said just days prior that he would not over work his players to lock up the top spot in the West. But then again, it is not as if the Warriors flat out do not care about the one seed.

As Steph Curry told NBC Sports, they want to get it done. “Obviously, we want to lock up home court advantage throughout the playoffs. That’s a big deal.”

So yes, home court in a decisive game seven is a big deal. But is it the end all be all? No. Just ask LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Warriors are primarily focused on entering the postseason at completely healthy. Outside of ending with an identical record as San Antonio (who owns the tie-breaker), Golden State basically controls their own destiny.

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