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Warriors are pulling out of slump at the perfect moment

The Dubs look to be putting it all back together after a tough stretch.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Panic? What panic? Sure, the Warriors seemed to be spiraling into a small tailspin, but after three consecutive wins (winning the last two by 25+ points while holding both opponents at 92 points for the game), the tension, anger, and shouts of #FireKerr are finally dying down.

Even before the Warriors began their road trip from hell, Steve Kerr was flummoxed at the league. I mean, I get it. The Warriors are the world’s hottest ticket. Everyone wants to see them play. All the TV stations are going to want their games on primetime. But, c’mon.

Via:, here’s that stretch all in one place. Reminder: Kevin Durant got hurt early in the Wizards game.

Oakland to Philly. Back to back in Washington. Fly to Chicago. Fly to New York. Back to back in Atlanta the next night. Fly home (random as heck) to face a hungry, talented Celtics team. Fly to Minnesota. Back to back against the Spurs (the infamous sit-every-single-star-and-piss-off-the-world-Kerr-doesn’t-give-an-f-what-you-think game).

13 days. Eight games. One brutal, almost season-ending injury to Durant.

Things felt dicey in Dub Nation.

Coming home and barely beating the Sixers did nothing to calm nerves and soothe tempers. But, then, the Warriors beat the Magic by thirty points, and followed it up by beating a very good Bucks team by 25. Steph was doing Steph things. Oracle was back on its feet. The players were smiling. The fans were dancing.

Of course, videos like this helped calm the soul as well:

Could Kevin Durant’s rapidly improving health be because of this inspirational, lucky potato?

Also, wait, hold up. I demand answers about this potato. You’re saying the Warriors — one of the richest teams in the league, in the heart of a blossoming tech, science, and futuristic industry capital of the world, with access to the best doctors, and unlimited funds — are pinning their hopes on a potato?

Let me just say, I’m super down for this. This feels like the old days. None of that fancy mumbo jumbo for me! Give me a hope, a dream, and an inspirational potato and I’m set. Seriously, next time I’m feeling down, I’m gonna stroll to the supermarket and get my own magical potato. Gonna draw a smiley face on it and never feel pain again.

[Edit: The mystery of the magical potato’s origin was finally solved!]

As we hurtle towards the end of the regular season (only 12 games left, I kid you not), the Warriors finally seem to be pulling out of their mini-slump. I’ve been saying it all along, but I’d much prefer Steph & co. go through some struggles now than, say, later. Health is the only paramount thing. Sure, the #1 seed in the West could prove decisively important. But, as long as the Spurs keep losing to teams like Memphis, and as long as Durant keeps his magical potato close by at all times, I feel pretty good about the Warriors’ chances come the summer.

The mini-slump, coupled with the Durant injury, changed the trajectory of the season. Nothing was ever guaranteed, sure, but didn’t it feel like a Cavaliers vs. Warriors triple the fun rematch was on the near horizon?

Now? Who knows?

As a Warriors fan, I feel right at home amidst darkness, uncertainty, and organizational angst. If anything, the past couple of weeks gave a more human dimension to this squad. They’d been plowing through the league with reckless abandon, leaving a Durant-Curry-Klay-Green sized swath of destruction in their wake. Now that they’ve been “humbled,” — if a major injury and a three game losing streak can be considered humbled — the season has a different feel. As we learned last year, the regular season means nothing.

Lose a bunch, I say. As long as the team is healthy, happy, and hungry going into May and (hopefully) June.

Either way, I’m here for it all, come what may.

But, now that I’ve said all this stuff, they’re definitely losing tomorrow in Oklahoma City by like 30 points, huh? Dammit, I apologize. I take it all back. Time to panic. Head for the bunkers. It’s all over.

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