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In an unnecessarily scrappy game, Warriors embarrass Thunder on their home court 111-95

OKC vs. GSW would be a legit rivalry if the Thunder were any good.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder showed scrap, they showed fight. Unfortunately, the scrap and the fight were mostly shown during a meaningless scuffle right before the half that led to a back-breaking Stephen Curry three pointer to put the Warriors up 20. But ... you know. At least the Thunder care? I guess?

The main thing I took away from this game: Stephen Curry got into a fight on court and dunked the ball in the same game. Heck, in the same half. Also: OKC fans are wack.

First Quarter:

I came in a little late, but my people were here for me, reminding me (teaching me? showing me?) how Stephen Curry had the hot fire going in the first few minutes.

I missed this, but that didn’t stop me from jumping around my living room upon seeing the replay:

“Legitimate 2 handed slam,” lol. I mean, I guess when it’s Steph, you have to quantify things in such manners.

Also, c’mon OKC fellas (or ladies). This is just f’ing dumb. Stop.

Here’s the best take you’re gonna find on that:

The OKC inferiority complex is so deep it could basically double as the state of New Jersey.

Second Quarter:

Let’s talk about how incorrigible OKC fans are. Kevin Durant made his first appearance on the bench during a road trip, traveling with the team for the first time since his injury in the late February Wizards game in Washington D.C. And, again, OKC greeted him with a cupcake, however this time using a crutch.

How about y’all just go ahead and...

Now that it’s March, and now that we’ve seen young men pouring their hearts out on the NCAA basketball court on a night to night basis, it got me to thinking. I recently re-watched highlights from Billy Donovan’s awesome back-to-back national championship Florida team. What a great team. Tall, long, selfless. And, then, it struck me:

Also, sometime before that, this happened and made me chuckle those big, throaty, chest chuckles that improve not only your day but your entire life:

And, suddenly, the game didn’t feel like much of a game.

Right before the half, Stephen Curry got in a scrap with a no name player on the Thunder. Russell Westbrook jumped in. Draymond Green jumped in. All four players were given technicals and then play resumed, with the originally scheduled jump ball.

Here’s the scuffle:

And here’s the immediately following F YOU play from Curry.

Oh. My.

I can just hear Curry screaming, “That’s for the dumb fight, and that’s for the cupcake costume with the crutch!” Dudes, he SPRINTED INTO THE LOCKER ROOM AS SOON AS HE HIT THE SHOT. Legend status up in here.

Third Quarter:

After Curry’s three point put the Warriors up by 20 points — 59-39 headed into the locker room — the Thunder came out in the early part of third quarter firing away. I’ll say this about Westbrook: Dude is proud as hell and never gives up.

However, the Warriors fought back as well, and at a certain point just seemed to be toying with the Thunder as Klay Thompson nailed jumped after jumper.

Also, JaVale thundered down some fantastic stuffs, including this one:

After being real glad that the Dubs went up 20, I wanted to see them go up 30 on OKC on the road. No KD, cupcake BS, stupid fights = Embarrass those dudes.

Fourth Quarter:


Actually, man. The crowd completely disappeared as it became apparent that OKC was going to lose. So, you’re telling me y’all are down with this cupcake nonsense and voting in a Russian spy, but not down to stay and witness a proper beatdown? C’mon. Come get your tickets’ worth here. It’s a carnival of your own creation! You voted for the cupcakes, and now y’all need to bask in their overheated, orange, disgustingly unworkable reality!

The Warriors didn’t quite win by 30, but they did end up winning 111-95.

It was a good night.

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