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Steph Curry throws down “windmill” 360 dunk during warmups!

I did not realize Steph had those kinds of hops!

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Wait .. WHAT??? Nobody told me this was a thing? In a million years, did you ever expect to see Steph pull off this kind of dunk?

Seriously, my mind is blown. I didn’t realize this was even on the table.

Don't sleep on my man Steph #stephcurry #warriors #nba #dubnation

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Next step: Let’s see if Curry can do this in a game. Hopefully against OKC, or the Clippers or someone.

Edit: Yeah, yeah I know. This is not actually a windmill dunk. But, it’s the closest we’ll probably ever see from Mr. Curry, so I’m counting it.

[h/t our intrepid reporter Andrew Flohr, who was at last night’s match]

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