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Warriors vs. Knicks GameThread: Golden State hasn't lost three in a row since November 2013

The Warriors face the Knicks today at 12:30 p.m. PST.

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I don't know about you all, but I'm old enough to remember the last time the Golden State Warriors lost two regular season games in a row.

It was way back in the Obama administration and ended up being a harbinger of many horrors to come: the Warriors won their first title since the advent of the 3-point shot, Stephen Curry was well on his way to winning his first of two NBA MVP awards and they continued to shatter records that some of us didn't even know existed for about two years straight.

So maybe that isn't that bad.

But three in a row? Woe be unto the fanbase that willingly endures such horrors.

The last time the Warriors lost three regular season games in a row was November 23, 2013 when they took their third straight at Oracle Arena against the Portland Trail Blazers. And talk about a hard knock season: they ended up in a death spiral, hurtling toward their first round exit in the playoffs! No wonder Mark Jackson got fired!

Of course, the Chicago Bulls didn't lose three regular season games in a row at all with Michael Jordan playing from 1990-1998. And let's not even start talking about blowing a 3-1 lead in the Finals! They also probably never lost a matinee game on a Sunday like the Warriors did just last year. Sad!

So the moral of this story is clearly that real champions with real superstars never lose three in a row. The Warriors have nothing on the Bulls and Curry has nothing on Michael Jordan, who played ball like a real man instead of prancing around the 3-point line hunting for threes. You want to see a real test of character? Today's the day: if they lose three in a row on the road after getting all that rest over the All-Star break and playing without that cupcake Kevin Durant we'll know they just don't have what it takes to win a title.

Should they just trade Curry since they were asleep at the wheel during the trade deadline? Or just blow it all up and rebuild around inevitable Hall-of-Famer Patrick McCaw, who finally got his rightful place in the starting lineup over that cupcake KD? What they really need though is a real coach like Gregg Popovic, who has proven that he can lead his team to 20 straight playoff berths and would never stand for this garbage.

Please use this thread to panic appropriately if there are any signs during the game that we should start taking to the streets of downtown Oakland in protest. We can't take this affront to our fandom quietly.

Thank you for reading.

Stay woke,


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