Dubz Against the World Art Exhibition

Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

That Dubz against the world art exhibition hosted by @ConsciousBasketball and @KitzyStudios was pretty dope! Too cool and hip for a pensioner like me. It was the one where JaVale McGee made an appearance. There were so many cool illustrations and artwork from Dub and basketball fans.

For those not in the area, the links above provide you with a sense of the artwork and the exhibition - something to do whilst waiting for the playoff to commence.

Some of my favorites were the hyper_three anime-style illustrations, which was so painfully cool. The artworks were uses as the main lead-in poster.

Also loved the Reina Koyano Sole Fatale series, which are illustrations of femme fatale women in shoes style gear.


The above image is from the collection and Instagram account of Reina Koyano (@_vivalareina). If you like it, this is a link to more Sole Fatale illustrations by the artist.

Another image which we have seen on this site is Ryan Hurst’s throwback tribune to the ‘superhero font’ uniforms of the We Believe era with our current starters; which is pretty dope as well.

Brilliant exhibition and looking forward to this next year. Great talent out there! Maybe it should be a permanent display at Oracle / new arena?

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