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2017 NBA Playoffs First Round: Previewing Warriors vs. Blazers, podcast style

It’s that special time of year again. We brought in a couple of writers from Blazer’s Edge to preview the first round matchup of Warriors vs. Trail Blazers.

NBA: Preseason-Portland Trail Blazers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Ivan and Nate couldn’t make it, so I brought David MacKay and Dan Marang on to the pod from Blazer’s Edge. We had a blast talking about the upcoming first round battle, the soul of Portland, the future of the Trail Blazers, and much, much more.

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Here we go:

Annotated list of topics covered (add some some time if Blogtalk inserts an advertisement):

1:00 - Excited for playoffs? Apparently they aren’t.

2:30 - If Russell Westbrook has a 30-10-10 game, his averages would literally GO DOWN. Oh my, I think my brain exploded.

3:30 - Previewing the first round. It’s time for Blazers vs. Warriors, part two! Who are we going to see in the starting lineup for the Blazers in Game 1?

4:13 - Jusuf Nurkic back for Game 1? Whoa.

7:00 - “NURCULES!!!” I’m all in on this nickname.

9:00 - Blazer’s killer starting five of Maurice Harkless, Jusuf Nurkic, Damian Lillard, C.J. McCollum, and Noah Vonleh.

12:00 - Nurkic’s pure presence making Vonleh super productive.

18:50 - “If it goes down, and people can’t block it, ball ‘til it gets big, or however that catch phrase goes.”

19:30 - Quick tangent, that’s how we roll.

21:30 - Steph’s shot looks weird, according to the fellas.

24:40 - How are the Harkless/Al-Farouq Aminu rotations going to work out in the first round? Who spends the most time on Kevin Durant?

32:00 - Steph’s explosion in Game 4 last year.

32:30 - We all think Nurkic comes back in Game 3 and the Blazers win, but will it irreparably mess up his health, a la previous renditions of Portland big men?

34:00 - Can the Blazers actually win this series? We make our predictions, game by game.

42:00 - If the Blazers beat the Warriors, would it be a bigger upset than “We Believe?”

43:45 - I open a HUGE can of worms by asking, “What is the future of the Portland Trail Blazers.” They went deep on this, specifically about the luxury tax. I had totally forgotten that the Blazers were so mired in bad contracts.

56:30 - The Blazers are it in Portland. There’s no other sports franchise, other than the MLS Timbers. How does that impact fans’ dedication and obsession with the team?

57:50 - “Wanting the team that you love to mirror the image of the town that you live in.” How this has changed for Warriors fans with the rise of tech in the Bay Area.

1:02:30 - The guys had totally given up on the Blazers’ season earlier in the season.

1:05:00 - David’s funny Evan Turner tangent, that he’d promised from before. [nsfw]

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