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LeBron James wishes Steve Kerr a speedy recovery

LeBron James joins the wave of support for Golden State Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr.

Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

LeBron James sent a message of support for Steve Kerr and his family today.

As Kerr is dealing with a medical issue that is keeping him from coaching, there has been a general sense of anxiety among the organization and the fans about Kerr’s health going forward.

There has also been an outpouring of support from around the league. Kerr, though head coach of a Golden State Warriors team that is hated by so many fans of other teams in the league, seems to be one of the most respected coaches and people in the NBA.

It’s scary when health interferes with someone’s ability to live a comfortable life, let alone coach/play a game of basketball. A reminder that some things are bigger than the sport.

And in moments like this it’s heartening to see rival players and fans reaching out with messages of support:

As we enter into the more intense rounds of the playoffs, there is still a good chance that we could see a third straight Finals match-up between these two teams. Needless to say, this time of year can get ugly among the fans. It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, the players and staff respect each other as people and we should strive to do the same as fans.

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