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Warriors 2016-17 season review: The funniest moments in gifs

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a gif worth?

NBA: Playoffs-Memphis Grizzlies at Golden State Warriors Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve taken the liberty of making (or finding) gifs of the plays and moments that stand out the most to me. Admittedly, the season is a little bit of a blur so I may have missed some, but please check out the first installment here if you missed it.

And now, I’d like to take you on a giftastic trip down memory lane. Part 2, of the series - I want to talk about my two more of my favorite things from the season.

Second episode: The general cuteness of this team

Ok, I’m a guy, a dude even, but I’m also in touch with my feelings and comfortable enough with myself to know when something is cute. Kitten toes? Cute. Various baby animals from different species frolicking? Cute. You know what else is cute? These damn Warriors.

Cuteness overload example #1: Kevin Durant and Ian Clark

Durant spoke early in the season about how happy it makes him to see Clark do well. The importance of Clark’s confidence is not lost on Durant, but I think their connection goes a bit deeper than that. You ever meet someone that you just like a little bit extra?

I mean, there’s got to be something special going on if you can get a seven footer to lay down and “swim” on the floor!

But even more importantly, it’s mutual. I certainly understand being a KD fan boy, but just take a moment and watch the emotions that cross Ian Clark’s face as he answers a question about the whole “come here” thing.

For the record, Clark doesn’t say much here. Just something about how he and Durant came up with it while messing around with the security staff during a practice.

Cuteness overload #2: The funny little pregame ritual that Steph and Clark seem to have adopted.

Steph adopts some sport – baseball, football, etc. – and then plays around with Clark during warm-ups using that theme.

Here’s a pretty funny football one where KD has no love for a questionable out of bounds call.

Just love it. This clip almost runs like one of the shows where they break the 4th wall, like..the Office, but for basketball. These guys are almost too perfectly scripted to be true. Almost.

Cuteness overload #3: The extra-curricular activities

Because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TV show where a character makes custom blankets for the whole crew – like Javale McGee made, using Draymond Green’s sleeping face.

I know there were even some pictures, but google is failing me right now. Wasn’t there an epic picture of Andre Iguodala all wrapped up in one of these blankets and sleeping in his hotel bed?

Anyways, here’s the last memory for this installment. Some background here, the rapper Drake is all up in the NBA. I’m not sure exactly what to think about it, but can’t get too mad because I’d probably do the exact same thing if I was rich and famous.

At first, Drake comes through KD’s post game interview and bumps into him, earning a steely glare:

But the real gem here comes when the reporter asks KD specifically what he thinks about “Drake night” (the local team was honoring him on this particular evening).

Me neither KD, me neither.

I wish Drake came up in my every day conversation more often, just so I could drop this line on fools every day.

So, that does it for this installment of the season of Gif-ing. Next up, the toaster era!!

Stay tuned! And GO DUBS!!

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