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Podcast: Previewing the future of the Warriors and the universe

Canis Hoopus’ David Naylor joined Nate and Bram to check in on the state of the Warriors and much more.

Minnesota Timberwolves v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ivan sadly could not make this pod, so we called up our good buddy David Naylor, from Canis Hoopus, to talk some hoops. Because Ivan was gone, things obviously went a little haywire. IVAAAAAAN! DON’T LEAVE US TO OUR OWN DEVICES!!!!!

So, I apologize for the slight distortion on my voice, I had my mic input up way too high and didn’t realize until we’d already recorded. My bad. Also, I apologize for all the bad jokes and meandering conversations.

Let’s get to it!

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[Annotated list of things we discussed:]

0:05 - Welcome David!

2:00 - We talked about musical conservatories for a while and David’s forthcoming masters degree. Don’t mind us. That’s how we roll. #basketball

5:55 - Nate is the most secretive person in the world.

8:25 - Nate just wanted David on the pod so we could ramble incoherently without Ivan shutting us down.

10:10 - Timberwolves Twitter political leanings.

10:45 - Timberwolves vs. Warriors recap, wherein we all fell asleep and Nate was drunk at the game.

12:30 - Similarities between Warriors of old and Timberwolves of present. Aka, being exciting but not making playoffs and not having super high picks in the draft.

15:30 - “Who would you rather draft in a redraft? Ricky Rubio, Johnny Flynn, or Stephen Curry?” “This is where we need the Ivan bat signal.”

17:00 - Hilarious David Kahn story from David. “Did you murder him?” [...] “Oh, I could totally fight David Kahn.” It’s the Flynn pick.

21:50 - David turns into a crazed robot. Seriously.

22:30 - We may or may not have edited a bunch of stuff out due to technical difficulties. Also, lots of #giggles.

23:30 - “What kind of shape are the Warriors in heading into the playoffs?” We are professional.

29:45 - Harrison Barnes is the most Iowa player of all time. As in, boring.

30:15 - Harrison Barnes will be a better politician than a basketball player.

31:00 - Is Andrew Wiggins more like Barnes or Kawhi Leonard?

36:00 - Will the Timberwolves ever challenge the Warriors, assuming Durant and Curry both stay?

38:00 - Nate and Bram stan for the Wolves harder than even David.

40:30 - Amazing that people ever thought they would trade Ricky Rubio for Derrick Rose. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

41:00 - Ricky Rubio is hella young.

45:00 - What will happen in this year’s playoffs?

55:00 - Oh god, a heroin analogy.

1:00:00 - David throw in one last 3-1 joke.

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