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2017 Western Conference Finals: Bring on the Spurs!

It’s the matchup we’ve been anticipating for years.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, the Spurs and Warriors had historic regular seasons. The Warriors, obviously, finished with the best regular season record of all time. The Spurs, who went 67-15, finished tied for the seventh best record of all time. The two teams seemed destined to meet in the Western Conference Finals. It was fate, it was inevitable. Many people throughout the league and media were predicting that a Spurs vs. Warriors Western Conference Finals would be “the true NBA Finals,” with the victor obviously going on to obliterate the Cavaliers.

However, such things were not to be. Not in the Western Conference Finals, and not in the actual Finals, sadly.

The Spurs ended up petering out, losing 4-2 to a hungry, healthy Oklahoma City team featuring our future-beloved Kevin Durant, and his former side-kick-turned-vengeful-soon-to-be-world-destroyer Russell Westbrook.

OKC pushed the Warriors to the brink, but then started the 3-1 craze which continued throughout the rest of the season.

This year is different. This year, we finally get the matchup we’ve all been anticipating since the Warriors and Spurs put up two of the greatest regular seasons the world has ever known.

That’s right. This year, it’s finally time for...

Warriors vs. Spurs: Western Conference Finals edition!

NBA: Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

On paper, the match-up might not be as completely lit as it could have been. Kawhi Leonard is hobbled and missed the Spurs’ final game against the Rockets (not that it mattered aaaaaaaat all, though. Yeesh, that was embarrassing, Houston), but will reportedly return to face the Warriors in Game 1. Spurs’ legend and former NBA Finals MVP Tony Parker is out for the season after suffering a non-contact injury that required surgery. Former Spurs’ player (and Gregg Popovich mentee) Steve Kerr is still sidelined indefinitely after symptoms from his botched back surgery returned with a savage force.

If there were ever a moment for Kerr to return, THIS WOULD BE IT.

Sure, the Warriors can beat the Spurs with Mike Brown at the helm. Heck, he’s a former Spurs assistant coach and one of the proudest members of the Popovich coaching tree. But, wouldn’t you just feel a lot better with Kerr prowling the sidelines, going toe to toe with the greatest coach of modern times? (Yup, I said it. Pop is now officially better than Phil Jackson. That New York BS won’t just wash off, Phil. You’ve done stained yourself for eternity. Like a skid mark that will haunt your dreams forever).

This year, the Spurs and the Warriors once again posted the two best regular season records in the NBA, with the Spurs going 61-21, compared to the Warriors’ mark of 67-15.

The Spurs defy all logic. Tim Duncan is gone, Tony Parker is done (for the year), Kawhi Leonard is hobbled, and yet they are still out here straight embarrassing fools on their home court, and swatting balls out of mid-air.

Side note: Anyone else get the feeling he’d been training for that exact scenario ever since this moment?


If you are a flying rodent, or if you are a potentially-game-tying shot, Manu Ginobli will swat you, guaranteed.

The Spurs have paid their dues, they’ve vanquished their foes. Finally, we’ll see them face down their biggest rivals over the past few years, our beloved Warriors.

It’ll be a fantastic series, and hopefully I’ll get a position by position breakdown out sometime tomorrow. We’ll also have our full coverage, including previews, GameThreads, quick recaps, extended recaps, Explain One Plays, and much, much more.

It’s here. The series we’ve been waiting for since forever.

Bring on the Spurs. Let’s do this.

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