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Halftime report: 2017 Western Conference Finals, Game 2: Warriors showing no mercy

San Antonio, sans Kawhi Leonard, struggled mightily on both ends of the floor, resulting in a 72-44 Golden State lead at the half.

San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors - Game Two Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In early minutes, all five Golden State starters were on the board, with Draymond Green knocking down three-point shots like he’s Stephen Curry and, well, Steph being Steph from beyond the arc.

With about five minutes left in the first quarter, Patrick McCaw entered the game and showed a lot of hesitation, passing the ball hot potato-style rather than attempting a shot. Perhaps the rookie had a case of the nerves, given the big moment of the Western Conference Finals. But five minutes into the second quarter, McCaw banked a gorgeous three-pointer.

The rookie-nerves excuse doesn’t apply to JaVale McGee, though.

In Game 1, he had some head-scratching turnovers and early in the first quarter of Game 2 he seemed to panic and toss the ball out of bounds rather than pass to a teammate or get into a position to make a shot. With any hope, McGee will find his rhythm and return to being the dunk master we’ve seen glimpses of this season.

Andre Iguodala’s presence on the court is missed. But bench players stepped up big to hold things down in his absence. Specifically, David West was huge on the defensive end, while Shaun Livingston seemed to have discovered his offensive rhythm.

Ian Clark got involved, too — dropping some key threes.

By the middle of the second quarter, McCaw clearly had lost any nerves he seemed to have early on and turned Oracle into Roaracle with a drive to the basket resulting in two points and a trip to the free-throw line. A few plays later, he got a steal that resulted in a West layup.

“The annihilation continues,” Mike Breen said.

In other words, every Golden State player who stepped on the court got involved, including Klay Thompson, who got a three to fall.

The Warriors closed the first half with a 72-44 lead and 11 made baskets from deep.

Let’s see if an angry Gregg Popovich can turn his team around in the second half.

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