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NBA Draft Lottery 2017: Celtics win top pick after advancing to Eastern Conference Finals

The Boston Celtics have become the first team ever to both earn a number one seed in the playoffs and win the top pick in the draft lottery. Feel free to discuss that and anything else you want in the comments below.

NBA: NBA Draft Lottery Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Just as a reminder of what life as a basketball fan could be has been like, I like watching the NBA Draft lottery to remember what it was like to sit there knowing the fate of your favorite team relied on some little balls bouncing around.

...only to end up with Todd Fuller...or Patrick O’Bryant...or tanking just to get Harrison Barnes...or Jason Te Mookie Blaylock (and...look...he wasn’t that’s just that I have no idea what they thought that trade would do for the team...and they ended up winning 57 games in his three seasons with Golden State from 1999-2002. For perspective, the Warriors have won more than 57 games in each of the last three seasons. Don’t come at me nitpicking this team when I suffered through that period of nonsense, bandwagon fans.)

We, as diehard Warriors fans, have been through some awful times. Aren’t you glad to have nothing at stake in the lottery (or even the draft this year as the Golden State Warriors don’t have picks)?

So tonight, we can watch as others look to see a change in fortunes. And naturally, that means we all probably have a favorite or at least someone who we think most deserves it.

Obviously, I want to see every one of the L.A. Lakers picks be voided...or somehow get Lonzo Ball, because I’d love to see the Lakers mired in drama for the next decade or two. So yeah, I’m rooting against the Lakers...sort of.

As for who I want to see win the lottery...strangely, I want to see the Boston Celtics win it. First, I actually enjoy watching that team and especially Isaiah Thomas (who I’ve followed since his days at the University of Washington). Second, it means a top talent would head East, which is really neither here nor there. And third, I just think they could do quite a bit to maximize a new talent. Fourth, I mean, history is always cool right?

Matt Moore of CBS Sports ranked the Celtics fifth on his list of who actually deserves the pick and I feel that logic too.

5. Boston Celtics: It would be cool to see the Celtics make history with the No. 1 pick when they were a No. 1 seed in the playoffs. It's a great story of managing assets and rebuilding the right way. But it also means the constant asset hoarding is rewarded and that a team already loaded with talent at point guard gets a shot at another top-flight one. And if they deal the pick, it means the No. 1 pick could wind up in bare-cupboard Indiana or with the super-confusing Bulls without Jimmy Butler.

I get not wanting to reward constant asset hoarding, but they’ve done a pretty good job managing those assets and putting together a team that can compete in the LeBron-dominated Eastern Conference. And Celtics Blog has a full breakdown and commentary on the impressive haul they could end up with this year.

For his part, Moore writes that Dallas most deserves the top pick:

1. Dallas Mavericks: This franchise has done things the right way, stayed competitive and could really use the talent injection. Such a player could help give Dirk Nowitzki one more postseason run, which everyone wants. They've been in the playoffs recently, but they've also fallen off pretty hard. Plus, imagine if they landed at No. 2 and took Ball, and you had LaVar vs. Cuban. It would be a heavyweight headline fight every day.

I don’t really have anything against Dallas, so I feel that too -- maxing out Harrison Barnes as your go-to option of the future isn’t exactly a formula to stay competitive long-term, but I get the point.

Anyway, what do you think? Who deserves the lottery pick?

The lottery will air on ESPN or the Watch ESPN App at 5:30 p.m. PST.

Let us know in the comments and feel free to drop anything else you find interesting in there too. After the lottery is over, we’re just going to keep this pinned to our front page as the off topic thread for the week.

Enjoy the lottery (and the fact that our team likely won’t be in it for a long time).

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