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2017 NBA Western Conference Finals: Kerr will travel to San Antonio for Game 3

Steve Kerr is increasing his work load. Now, he will fly with the Warriors as they travel to San Antonio for Game 3.

Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors - Game Two Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It seems as if Steve Kerr’s symptoms might finally be getting better. Yesterday, while speaking on 95.7 The Game, Warriors’ GM Bob Myers revealed that Kerr will travel with the team when they fly to San Antonio to face the Spurs in a pivotal Game 3. It’s a huge step forward for the embattled coach, who has been trying to find a cure for ailments that have crippled his life over the course of the past two years.

Kerr, who has not coached since the first round of the playoffs, has not yet traveled with the team since taking an indefinite leave of absence. It was a welcome sight to see him in the home team’s locker room for Games 1 and 2 of the Western Conference Finals, and I’m sure it will be a needed boost for the squad as they travel into what is sure to be an extremely hostile environment in San Antonio.

Kerr’s mere presence has been enough, at times, to shake things up, and to give the players a much needed sense of perspective. For, again, this is but a game. A simple, transient experience in an overly loud arena with a ball, a hoop, and a few hopes and dreams. When you compare it to life altering pain following a botched back surgery (or to any of the other myriad things transpiring right now across the globe), the lights don’t seem as bright. The stakes don’t seem as large.

When the Warriors entered the locker room at halftime of Game 1, they trailed by 20 points. Things seemed dire. Things were trending towards the despondent. The miraculous postseason winning streak was imperiled. Was the team about to lose home court advantage? Just like that?

Steve Kerr — still in pain, still recovering, but finally there in the building for the first time in a long time — made sure the team remained hungry. Made sure they stayed mentally present.

“Get your poise back. Wings, run like crazy, right? Just settle in on, like, three stops in a row. Just get three stops in a row, and the push will come from that. The pace will come from that. Alright? Settle in, and we’ll be alright.”

“Settle in, and we’ll be alright.”

In such turbulent times, I think I might adopt “settle in, and we’ll be alright,” as my go-to hymn. My battle call of the end times. Steve Kerr has always been a steadying presence. His position on world issues has been just as calming as his position on a twenty point deficit in a playoff basketball game. As he resumes one element of his coaching duties — traveling with the team — some might say that he’s now successfully opposed two different travel bans.

So, as the Warriors race towards a hopeful Finals berth, and as the world races towards whatever the heck is in store for us all today, let’s take a moment to appreciate the wisdom of Kerr, and look forward to the day when he dons a suit and tie, picks up a fragile, soon-to-be-broken clipboard, and returns to the sideline.

If the Warriors settle in, I have a feeling they’ll be alright, whether or not he is prowling the court. As long as he is in the building, even if it is just in the locker room, in the shadows, I feel stronger and stronger about the Warriors’ chances to win a second championship in three seasons with Kerr at the helm.

Buckle up, settle down. Let’s go be alright.


Also, side note, I’ll be blasting this the rest of the day. Prayers up.

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